‘The land remains the departure point because it is at the heart of handing on.’

‘Vines turned towards the sun, the awareness of the winemaker and the land are the three elements of a shared story. The grape is the fruit of this subtle collaboration. A perishable fruit that, by the magical alcohol fermentation process, becomes an enduring nectar which will withstand the test of time.’

‘This is why our land is organically worked, to preserve it’s life as much as possible. The use of chemicals creates a repetitive cycle of transmission without transformation. Organic cultureis a living culture,an ‘alchemy’ which offers the ability to change. Thus every year, the vine and it’s grower are mutually enriched in the service of a common end. My hope is that wine lovers will thrill to the resonance of this story and enjoy the pleasure of sampling a unique wine.

Les Améthystes

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