‘Organic vinegrower-winemaker don’t let nature take care of itself, they nurture it.’

For me, this approach is ethical, philosophical and spiritual.

Man in harmony with the universe, the cosmos and the land.

Ploughing and/or tilling the soil is both fundamental and necessary. Using this method to control plant growth in the vineyards requires meticulous attention.

To do this, I choose the appropriate ploughing equipment and use it at the right time. For instance, a soil that is too cold or too wet should never be worked, you need to be sure that the sun will shine after each passage and check that the moon is in the right quarter.

This method also allows me to plough in organic compost to boost my vines’ vitality.

The plant protection products that I use are Bordeaux mixture and sulphur, depending on the weather.

Oligo-elements are also added to stimulate the vines’ natural

defences and reduce copper levels.

Rosie is my ploughing companion !

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